Panda Pot Pie

My name is Candice,
and I am 24 years old.
I live in Calgary, Alberta.
I'm a photographer
musician, gamer, dork.
I'm new to the city life,
I'm a loner, however
not by choice.

I'm friendless, so
you know the drill.

Plans & people.

I made plans with people I’ve been trying to become friends with,
I had everything prepared and ready, all week long,
and I’m being as social and friendly as I can be.
Guess how many people canceled? All of them.

Starting to feel like making friends is impossible anymore.
When you’re an adult, you cant walk up to anyone and just say
"Want to be friends?" like you could at the age of 6.

Everyone takes their drama as though it was a drug.
Here I am, recovering from all of it thrown at me in the past.
Perhaps I’m just an insanely unlikable person. That,
or people just find an advantage in me for their benefit.
To reassure them of all their insecurities and complaints.
I’m starting to realize that people won’t take the advice they ask for.

Nothing is wrong with me.
What’s wrong with all of you?

Anonymous asked: I wish I lived in Calgary... we could go on bike rides and get coffee and I'd watch you take photos of our surroundings while I marvel at how beautiful you are.


Ohjeez <3 

Anonymous asked: how to watch game of thrones when you have major insecurities?


Well first of all I’m curious as to what you’re insecure about :0 ALL THE NASTY THAT HAPPENS? Everyone that watches the show knows, there’s a ton of nudity and sex. Some episodes I even consider more on the porn side. But simply put, even if you’re uncomfortable watching the naughty scenes, if you decide to watch the show I recommend finding it online so you can skip those scenes. (That’s what I do) 90% of the sex scenes I find to be a bit pointless, and you wont miss much of the story if you do decide to do so. So skip it :D I don’t like watching those scenes either, the story is amazing none the less!

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